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Write What You Feel: Making an Emotional Connection

StormWomenQuadI drove home through a storm yesterday. Once inside, where I felt safe, I checked to make sure the animals and house were secure and then relaxed a bit. It got me to thinking about how the journeys we take with our stories, the ones that are memorable and stick with us, are a lot like driving home through a storm. Continue reading

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Why Don’t I Write About My Military Service?


As a woman Navy vet, who likes to tell “Sea Stories” and who is also a writer, I get asked on a pretty regular basis why I don’t write about my time in the military.

The standard answer is short and simple: Because I write fantasy, not reality.

The real answer is NOT so short and simple: Continue reading

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More Flash Fiction: The Treasure

Inciting incident: I sat down to write a Blog post for the week. But when I went looking for a topic, I discovered the opening sentences to piece of writing that was never completed and I thought I’d see where that took me.

Action: So, apparently I do write Flash Fiction, but it generally seems to take a dark turn. I wonder what that’s all about.




To all who come after, I bequeath the knowledge herein entailed. To those who would seek the fabled treasure of Al Kazmin, I leave this warning: turn back and you may yet live. Beware the siren that guards this tomb. Continue reading

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Highlights From the SCBWI 2015 Conference in L.A.

SCBWI Folder pic

I’m late. I’m late. I’m late.

I know.

But for a good reason. I was in Los Angeles attending the awesome SCBWI 2015 Conference in L.A.

It was great to see so many writing friends, do some work, sell a few books, laugh a little, work some more, dance a little, and learn a lot!

Lin Oliver was, as always, a wonderful conference host.IMG_5148

Continue reading

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