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Gratitude 2015


Gratitude 2015 is a short list of things that I am thankful for today and everyday.

My Family: I have a wonderful, supportive, loving family. What more can one ask for from blood? (Also, my cats go here—even when they’re being butt-heads and don’t let me sleep in a few minutes—because they are part of my family. I’d like to say their love is always unconditional, but that feels debatable when they want breakfast and I want to sleep.)

My Friends: I have amazing friends. They are my biggest fans, cheerleaders who root for my success, share in my joys and comfort me when I hurt. Gems, every single one. Continue reading

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Blogging is easy for some people and extremely difficult for others. I’m kind of in the middle of the pack. I make an effort to blog every week as an additional way to keep in touch with readers through my website and to keep myself engaged. It’s tempting to disengage and shut down while juggling multiple priorities and traveling as much as I do. So, the blog can actually be a way to reground myself. It can also feel a bit like an elephant sized albatross slung around my neck when I am tired and worn out from everything else that I have going on. This means that sometimes there are delays and my posting date gets pushed farther into the week. This is one of those weeks. Continue reading

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Travel & Flash Fiction: Four Phrase Prompt

I am traveling this week, attending the 2015 Grant Professionals Conference #gpaconf15 in St. Louis, MO. Thus, this blog is a couple of days late and will basically be another flash fiction piece. This one was developed using four prompt phrases that I strung together to tell an odd little story.


They’re detaining my mother in customs, again. I’d go down there and give them a piece of my mind, but the zipper on my furry suit is stuck. I knew I should have opted for the Velcro closure, but I hate the ripping sound that stuff makes when you pull it apart. Ugh. It’s worse than fingernails on a chalkboard. My teeth hurt just thinking about it.

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More Author Appearances: TusCon 42 Rocked!

TusCon 42 was fabulous fun!


I am being exterminated.

I had a great time hanging out with so many talented and creative people and catching up with friends.


Speaking with Hal Astell at mass author signing with Eric Flint and Colette Black.

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Young Authors Day Thank Yous Make MY Day

I was traveling again this past weekend, so it wasn’t until this morning that I had a chance to open my collected mail. In the standard stack of assorted junk mail and bills and magazines was a large manila envelope from Mountain View Elementary School. Opening that envelope and reading through the contents truly made my day. Continue reading

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