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Getting Unstuck: The Creative Process

Author Sharon Skinner presenting in ColoradoI just got back from Colorado where I had the opportunity to teach creative writing to both teens and adults. I also had the pleasure of being interviewed by several brilliant teens, Ethan, Davis and Maxine, and my dear friend and favorite librarian of all time, Diane Tuccillo.

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The Trouble With Cliché and What You Can Do About It

Clichés are great when you are looking for a way to quickly convey an idea in a few short words, but when these everyday common usage phrases slip into your writing, they can be deadly. Why? Because not only are these phrases entirely overused, and therefore boring, they shout to the reader, “Lazy Writer Working Here!”
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Listening and Following

If you listen to your own voice unknown friends will come and find you.
–Carl Jung

People often ask me where my ideas come from. My usual response is “from listening to the voices in my head.” My fiction is very character driven. Characters get inside my brain and nag me until I tell their stories. So I do. I start there and find the story, the plot, along the way. Yes, I have to refine the plot in revision, but the character arc tends to come with the journey.

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Pros of Doing the Small Cons (Not That Kind of Con!!)

Sharon with Marsheila Rockwell  at Coppercon

Sharon with Marsheila Rockwell

I was recently one of the guest authors at 2014 CopperCon Science Fiction/Fantasy Convention

, also known as FANTasm. I had fun seeing old friends and meeting new ones. It was great to hang out with author friends, visit with fans and get to know new readers.
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Sometimes we writers get asked to do the most interesting things. I recently told my publisher that I don’t write flash fiction when he suggested I write a flash piece for my weekly blog.  “I’m too OCD for that,” I said and went on my merry way, blogging about another subject entirely.

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