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Micro Mirabella Halloween eBook Contest

Skinner_Mirabella_150In honor of Halloween, we decided to hold a little Mirabella and the Faded Phantom contest.

If you are an Apple iBooks user, or want to be… this contest is for you. Just fill out the entry form below, and you will be entered into a drawing to receive a free eBook copy of Mirabella and the Faded Phantom from the iTunes Bookstore. For every 10 people that enter, we’ll draw another winner, up to 15 winners. Continue reading

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Sharon Skinner at TusCon Science Fiction Convention

TusCon is almost here! Below is Sharon’s schedule.  If you want to see the rest of the schedule it is at

Friday, October 31 (optional)
7pm Mingle with The Guests.
Ballroom (Copper Room), 7pm – 9pm

Saturday, November 1
Is YA trapped with teenagers in a dystopia?
Panel Room 1 (St. Augustine)
Tags: Panel
Yvonne Navarro, Janni Lee Simner, Sharon Skinner, Jill Knowles

Inspiration – Who has inspired you?
Panel Room 1 (St. Augustine)
Tags: Panel
Kate Daniel, Paul E. Clinco, Sharon Skinner

5pm Mass Autograph Session.
Ballroom (Copper Room)
Tags: Autographs

6:00pm Individual Author Discussion

What Came First, the Character or the Plot?

Panel Room 2 (Garden)

Sunday, November 2
What’s Mainstream – Traditional, small press and self–publishing routes to getting your story told.
Panel Room 1 (St. Augustine)
Tags: Panel
Ed Bryant, Weston Ochse, Sharon Skinner, Bob Nelson, John Vornholt

Sunday, November 2
Finding your audience vs targeting your audience.
Panel Room 1
Tags: Panel
Brenda Huettner, Sharon Skinner, Kate Daniel

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What I Have Learned About Storytelling From Cartoons

When it comes to cartoons, my tastes run to the weird side.

Some of my favorite cartoons of all time include The Tick, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Danger Mouse, Pinky and the Brain, Fractured Fairytales, Peabody and Sherman, and Invader Zim. Oddly, most of these are shows I watch or have watched as an adult, rather than as a kid. What stands out to me in these cartoons are the oddball characters, antiheroes, witty dialogue, bad puns, and heroic sidekicks.

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Writing Amid the Chaos

I am not a big fan of NaNoWriMo. I know plenty of people who have done it with varying degrees of success. It’s just not for me.

I do find that Novel in 90 is something that does work for me. Novel in 90 is a group I found on LiveJournal. (Yes, there are still some people hanging out on LJ. LOL I’m one of them.) Basically you commit to writing 750 words a day for 90 days. That comes out to 67,500 words, which is about right for a short YA or Adult novel or slightly long Middle Great novel.

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My Early Writing Journey

I started writing short stories when I was in fourth grade. Just like my kids’ book bio says, I really did fill page after page with fantastical stories of aliens and monsters and unicorns and all sorts of creatures. Before that, I had spent years making up stories to tell myself. Often these stories starred me as the hero, mightily fighting against evil babysitters or really mean girls who always lost in the end.

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