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Sharon All Over The Blogosphere

So, Sharon was recently selected as the book of the week by Mallory Rock, who runs a site for graphics, covers and formatting. Additionally, she has partnered with a number of Book Bloggers to offer a book of the week program. This week, Sharon’s Healer’s Legacy is featured across a number of sites, including:

The Library at the END of the Universe

Stephanie’s Book Reports

KC’s Bookshelf

Tracy Riva Books & Reviews


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Sharon at the LA Times Festival of Books!

So, this latest stretch of travel stops culminates this weekend at the LA Times Festival of Books. She will be in the Brick Cave Media booth 156 (Listed as Brick Cave Books) most of the weekend.

She’ll have limited copies of all titles available and be ready to sign, so feel free to come on by and say “Hi”!

Festival of Books
Saturday, April 12 | 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday, April 13 | 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
USC Campus
University of Southern California
University Park Campus
Los Angeles, CA 90089
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Writing, Traveling and Meeting People

For me, travel is not conducive to writing. It’s very difficult for me to write on a plane. It’s very difficult for me to write in a hotel room. It’s very difficult for me to change scenery, be distracted, and try to write.

However, meeting people is actually very motivational. While it takes time away from the writing to go out to book festivals, cons, book clubs, libraries and other places where readers gather, and meet with people and talk about the writing, meeting fans is fun and brings home the fact that I’ve successfully made the kinds of connections I’d always hoped I would.

Writing for me has always been about more than just getting a story out onto the page. For me, it’s about making connections with people. I want to be one of those writers whose work reaches out and touches a reader, gives them something, a way to connect, an emotional journey, something they will smile or laugh or cry about.

Making an emotional connection, taking someone on a journey they might not otherwise go on, that’s what really good books have always done for me, and that’s what I want my books to do for others.

So when I get a chance to meet readers who have had that kind of experience reading my books, when I get to hear from them and talk to them about what else they read and what they like about the stories and even what they may not like about the stories, it’s a really powerful and uplifting experience. Of course, it’s especially gratifying when someone tells me how much they really love a character, or hate a character, or got completely lost in the story. It means I’ve made that magical connection.

Particularly, when they got lost in the book. That sense of losing one’s self, becoming the characters and being immersed in the world, is one of the best things a good book can do for a reader. It’s one of the reasons I’ve always been such a voracious reader myself, and also the key reason I write.

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Travel and Writing

I have been doing a lot of traveling lately.  My various flights and road trips have taken me to Kansas City, Kansas; Tucson, Arizona; and San Antonio, Texas. One thing about these travels stands out for me. No matter how hard it can be to make/spend time writing when at home, I find it even more difficult to write when I travel. The lack of a routine throws me off my game. Additionally, I often feel a need to get out and see some part of the local surroundings wherever I go, even when it’s a city I have visited in the past.

On the plus side, the people watching part of my brain seems to become more acutely attuned when I travel. Whether this is a side effect of being hyper-vigilant in new environments, or because everything just feels so different when my routine has been so completely flipped, I don’t know. However, I try to take advantage of these situations to fill up my hopper with new quirks and behaviors that I may not have tuned into before.

I don’t think people are that different, especially when traveling regionally, but I notice anew odd ticks, behaviors that have not previously struck me. These are the unusual aspects of character that will find their way into stories down the road.

The man behind me in the airport, telling the person on the other end of the phone they are breaking up, when I can hear the caller’s voice almost well enough to make out what she is saying, is a man trying to find a polite way to get off the phone. Is it that he doesn’t wish to continue the conversation with this person because he has better things to do while waiting for his flight? Or is he just uncomfortable speaking on a cell phone? I don’t really know, but when this individual finds his way into a book or a story, I will learn all there is to know about him and his relationship with the caller. Of course, I do not know this man, but at some point this particular aspect of him will become a facet of a character that I will come to know quite well.

So, while I may not be directly writing when I travel, I am still filling the hopper. Gathering the input that will find its way back out into story when the time comes and I am able to sit and write again. I will re-traverse the damp sidewalks of a rainy San Antonio, feel the gusty wind of Tucson, pull my jacket tight around me against the chilly Kansas City night and I will let these experiences flow into the writing, building the sensory details and the tics of character out of where I have been, what I have felt, seen, smelled, tasted, heard, and even overheard.

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Sending a New Book Out Into the World

Recently I attended the Tucson Festival of Books, the fourth largest festival of its kind in the nation and a truly spectacular, well-run event.

This was my second year at the festival. Unlike last year, when it drizzled and spit cold rain the entire first day, this year, with the exception of some challenging, gusty wind on Saturday, the weather was gorgeous.

For me, one of the most exciting parts of the festival this year was that this was Mirabella’s first outing. I was anxious to see how she would be received by readers. I needn’t have worried.  However, as any parent would be, I was filled with trepidation and she took her first steps out into the world and, to be perfectly honest, I struggled to let her go.

It took me a while to really find my way into explaining Mirabella’s journey, to develop a short pitch that would help readers to understand the story and that would pique their interest.

I stumbled around, I rambled, I stuttered, but by the end of the first day, I finally found my way into the heart of her story. After that, each time I shared the heart of Mirabella’s journey, I saw faces light up and I knew I had gained new readers and that Mirabella had found new homes and new hearts to grow within.

It’s always an exciting (and scary) time when a new book debuts, and I am thrilled at the reception Mirabella is receiving from readers. Each time a new person opens up her (or his) heart and mind to Mirabella, I grow a more confident in her ability to go out into the world and successfully make her way and more eager to see her soar.

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