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Flash Fiction: Dream Home


Meg shivered as she crossed the cold cabin floor to put a fresh log on the dying embers in the fireplace. Squatting on the hearth, she stirred the coals, blowing gently to encourage the log to light. The embers flared, small flames curling themselves around the fuel. Meg stared into the fire.

The funeral had been held on a bright, warm day in late summer, the kind of day Kent would have called a perfect hiking day. Kent’s sister, Janice, had said that it seemed wrong somehow for the sky to be so blue, the sun so bright, but Meg had known better. Kent would have loved it. Later, her mother tried to talk her out of returning to the cabin. She told Meg  it was dangerous for her to return to the woods alone. What if something happens? she’d asked. What if there’s an accident? Meg had known what she’d meant, what she’d wanted to say. She knew that they all thought Kent would still be alive if only he and Meg had never moved up to the mountains, but Meg had been adamant. The cabin had been their dream, their paradise on earth. It had been the one thing they’d had in common from the first day they’d met, and it had become the driving force behind everything they did, their reason for working so hard, scrimping to save every cent. They had spent all their spare time planning, searching for the right place, and finally, building their dream home. Continue reading

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Navy RTC aka Boot Camp: Grinning Through the Grind


Being at Navy RTC (aka boot camp) and living in a single room with 77 other women came with a unique set of challenges, not the least of which was figuring out how to not only get along, but to work as a team.

I admit the passage of time has dimmed to a blur the actual schedule of daily events. One day seemed much like another, filled with learning and drilling and scrubbing and polishing. (Lather, rinse, spit shine, repeat.) But a few things stand out and while not all of the big moments make me smile, I can recall some of them quite clearly. And some of them are still funny. Continue reading

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In the Navy: Arrival at RTC Orlando

NTC Orlando Command

Naval Training Command, Orlando, Florida circa 1977

I really don’t recall the first leg of travel. It was 1977 and a lot of things fade after nearly 40 years. I was already out of the house when I joined, so there was no big send off. Nothing to really bookmark.

My journey really started at the depot where they loaded us on the buses. It was the middle of the night, and I shivered—not from the cold, it was June in Florida, after all, and not particularly chilly—dread and anticipation rode my being equally.

And I was tired. Continue reading

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#amwriting The Love-Hate-Love-Hate-Love-Hate Part of My Writing Process

heart skeleton womanWhile I am eagerly anticipating the release of my new book, The Matriarch’s Devise, and looking forward to getting into the hands of readers, as usual, I am hard at work on the current WIP.

Yesterday was a good day, an I love this character, did I really write that, it’s better than I thought day.

Today, not so much.

As much as I wish I could say I always love my work, I find that my writing process seems to contain a perpetual love-hate-love-hate loop that drives me to the “cliffs of insanity” where I find myself looking down and thinking of jumping off the publishing trail. Then I remember why I #amwriting in the first place and realize that if I don’t write, I’ll be right back here at the edge of the cliff looking down into an even darker abyss. Continue reading

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The Matriarch’s Devise Cover Reveal

Matriarchs Cover FinalxxHere it is! The cover for The Matriarch’s Devise, due out November 2, 2015. Presales are now open!

I am overjoyed to have my words once more wrapped inside the fantastic art of Thitipon Dicruen (xric7). Thitipon is extremely talented and always manages to take the images from my head and enhance them, bringing the characters to life and filling them with emotion and meaning. Each time I look at the artwork, I see more of Kira’s world reflected than I could have imagined in one illustration. Ah-mazing!

Once more, Brick Cave Books has done a beautiful job of packaging my work. Just look at that color match in the title. I am so lucky to work with such an extraordinary and creative team!

I am so happy to be able to bring the next stage of Kira’s journey to my fabulous, faithful readers, who have waited too long to be able to take to the road with her again. Thank you for joining Kira (and me) on this marvelous quest. Also, a huge shout out to my editor, Anne Lind.

Thank you to all for your support and companionship on this publishing trek. I couldn’t it without you.

And, yes, I have already begun working on the next book. I will try not to make you wait so long for the next installment.

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