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Putting the Book to Bed: The Distance Between Editing and Publication

BookinbedI have typed “The End.” Again.

The Matriarch’s Devise, the sequel to The Healer’s Legacy, has gone through a final round of edits and has been schlepped off to the publisher for packaging and shipping of review copies, etc., etc. Continue reading

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More Author Appearances and Fiction Writing Workshops


I recently facilitated the inaugural Brick Cave Writers Workshop at Lulubell Toys in downtown Mesa. A small group of writers came together in an intimate setting to learn and share about craft. Our first session was focused on the elements that go into strong world building and creating a believable setting. Next month we will be taking a close look at Point of View. I am really excited about this six-month workshop series and extremely grateful to be working with this talented group of writers.

I will be teaching a Teen Writing Workshop at the Mesa Library Red Mountain Branch on Saturday, June 27th from 10-11:30am. Getting Grounded: World-Building Techniques for Engaging Fiction. Free for attendees! Continue reading

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Fiction Writing: Sustaining a Story


First thought: It’s such a clever/great/amazing/fun idea for a story!

Second thought: I need to write that down.

Third thought: I’ll just start with this character doing/saying something.

Begin writing.

Stall . . . Continue reading

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Writing Blogs I Read

Blog Clip Art 2Anyone who knows me or has heard me speak/present knows that I am a voracious reader. What I don’t always remember to mention is that I am not only a Johnny-Five-give-me-input-hungry-fiction-gobbler, I am also always on the lookout for fun, informative, entertaining writing related reads. And, yes, I read a lot of blogs. So, here are a few of my favorites, in no specific order (except maybe the timeline in which I discovered them over the years): Continue reading

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Breathing and Writing

#amwriting I have been tossed about within a tornado of activity for the past couple of months and am looking forward to a light author appearance month. Continue reading

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